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EXCLUSIVE Interview with UVA's "Goose Guy"

The man behind the goose!

As the Virginia Cavaliers closed out a big 30-13 victory over Miami, the mood at Scott Stadium was revelrous.  But "Goose Guy" put everyone else to shame.  Yes, ESPN cameras caught a student on the hill, singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" into a GOOSE - the full scene is shown in this video:

Because the internet is the internet, this obviously blew up across social media, as Caroline touched on in her "Monday Motivation."

Goose Guy is actually a fourth-year student named Brandon DeCoursey, DeCoursey, who will graduate this spring with a degree in electrical engineering, is a Sagittarius who likes The Notebook and red roses. (He volunteered this information). When he's not watching chick flicks, he also runs triathlons. And ladies, he's single! (Based on some of the female reaction I've seen on social media, this is apparently important information).

And we have more good news, Internet Goose Guy fans! We spoke to this new celebrity to learn more about this strange, strange performance:

Streaking the Lawn: Why in the world did you have a goose with you at a UVA football game? Did you consider other props?

Goose Guy: First off, the goose's name is Alfred. I bought him from my neighbor when she moved from her house last year. I thought maybe he'd be good luck, so I took him to the Oregon game last year. It paid off for the first half. I kept taking him to games because I figured, "Alright. At some point, he has to be lucky."  Then we beat VMI, so obviously he's lucky.

I did consider other inanimate, plastic animals, but I have a mortal fear of geese. No lie, I was attacked by a Canada goose on a run one time in high school, long story. I felt that if I faced my fear with geese, the football team could feed off of my strength, all 130 pounds, 5'7" of it.

STL: Is this some sort of common routine you do? Or did ESPN's cameras happen to find you at the best possible moment?

GG: I do this at every home football game I go to. It annoys the crap out of my roommates. I won the iPad from Grand Marc a few weeks ago.

ESPN's cameras did get me at about the perfect time. "Don't Stop Believing" is my go to 80's song; that and the Scorpions' classic "Rock You Like a Hurricane".

STL: Did you know the cameras were on you while you were singing? When did you realize?

GG: I had no idea. I didn't know I had gotten onto any cameras until I left the game and a friend told me I got on camera. I thought he meant the Jumbotron and I missed it.  It was when I got back to my apartment and my phone and computer starting buzzing constantly that I found out about ESPN. I figured it would get a little air time and blow over in a few hours.

It quickly became apparent that that would not be the case. I got facebook notifications from my grandmother, which told me that this might be pretty big. I had no idea the YikYak storm that would ensue, either. That caught me by complete surprise.

[Ed Note - YikYak is an app, popular on college campuses, that allows for anonymous discussion. Sure enough, some of the most upvoted current "Yaks" are goose-related]:

Yak 1

STL: Any plans for an encore, or just planning to go out on top?

GG: I think I will probably not be able to top this. It was my last home football game at UVa. This is a great note to leave on. It's fitting that this will likely be my legacy at The University, to be goose guy. Seriously, it surprised none of my friends.

STL: What have the last few days been like? Reveling in your newfound internet glory?

GG: I have been busy with my capstone and a presentation I have to give tomorrow. I had to try to sleep last night, because I had to wake up at 5:30 this morning, currently operating on 3 hours of sleep. I LOVE reading YikYak right now. I feel like the mood of the entire University changed. It's awesome to feel like I helped make people happy in what was not a great week.

I am trying to keep a level head about the whole thing. I do have a bit of an ego, so I am not going out of my way to advertise who I am. I understand that it's going to blow over in a few days and I will go back to being normal, old Brandon. I am trying to pretend like nothing has changed. I'm bad at it.

STL: Anything else you'd like to share with your new legions of Internet fans?

GG: Yeah. I was sober when I did that. I wish I could blame it on the Goose and how it had me feelin' loose. Truth is, I am just a really goofy dude. Also, I accept Venmo and am currently in debt for 4 years of tuition, so... yeah...

Thanks again to Brandon to take the time to talk to me - he's obviously a funny dude, and friends say he's a good one as well. All spirit is good spirit!