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Florida State Not Overlooking Virginia

...which leads me to believe that they are, in fact, overlooking Virginia.

Florida State has won 25 games straight now. Could Virginia become "America's Team" and knock off the No. 2 Seminoles? Odds are no.

But Virginia wouldn't be Virginia if they always followed the odds, now would they? What are the odds that UVa hoops would win the ACC title last year? What are the odds that Virginia would come within a score of top-ten UCLA? What are the odds that UVa hoops would blow a 10-point lead with only 40 seconds to go? Odds mean NOTHING to the Hoos! Too soon?

In any event, Virginia has only won once in Tallahassee, back in 2011 in a narrow 14-13 victory that came down to the wire and by approximately the width of my thumb.

Jimbo Fisher and the Seminoles know that Virginia' defense, though perhaps not as productive at September, is still a force to be reckoned with, not to be overlooked. Mike London and the Cavaliers know that, well, they know that they've lost three in a row now and bowl eligibility is in jeopardy.

That, and the Jefferson-Eppes Trophy.

Watch the video above to see some highlights and listen to how the coaches are preparing for tomorrow's game.