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2014 Virginia Signee: Corwin Cutler

Corwin Cutler
Position: QB

Hometown (School): Chesapeake, VA (Ocean Lakes/FUMA)
Height/Weight: 6'4" 200 lbs
Committed to Virginia: 05/16/12
Lead Recruiter: Vincent Brown

Most readers will know that Cutler (nicknamed "Turtle") was a 2013 recruit, who spend the past season at FUMA. Coming out of HS, Cutler was rated a 4-star recruit by ESPN, and 3-stars by Rivals and Scout. After a post-grad year, those ratings haven't changed (Scout doesn't have him rated at all for 2014). Cutler wasn't able to reach NCAA eligibility requirements out of high school, but he's on pace to be qualified for this coming fall.

While the ratings haven't changed, Cutler has. For one thing, he's bigger. He was listed at 6'3" 188 last year, so he's apparently grown an inch and put on nearly 15 pounds. That added weight is a big deal, and makes him a better prospect. He has the frame to add even more muscle, and if he keep his athleticism where it is, he'll be much more dangerous when taking off and running.

Cutler suffered a devastating knee injury in the final game of his senior year. He tore the ACl, PCL and LCL as well as the meniscus in his left knee. He returned from the injury in under a year, wearing a knee brace, and threw a TD in his first game back. Here's a video of the TD: (This video also shows the injury, which is a bit gruesome. And check out the hair. Too bad FUMA made him lose the ‘fro, because it was awesome.)

Here is Cutler's senior yeah highlight film (be forewarned, the background music in this video is, uh, NSFW):

Watch Cutler's footwork. It's pretty advanced and consistent for a high school kid. He makes all different types of throws, deep outs, quick hitters, seam routes and more. His ability to move outside the pocket and make throws makes him very dangerous. He may not be a true read-option guy (especially after the injury), but he has enough athleticism that he could use the play as a change of pace. The defense would have to respect his ability to pick up some yards with his legs. His throwing motion is ok, it's not great. He has a tendency to throw a ¾ motion sometimes, which negates his height. He'll need to work on his mechanics.

If Cutler hadn't suffered such a devastating injury, there'd likely be a chance he'd win the starting job this year. He's advanced as a QB, and the Hoos may need some new blood there. But by the time the season rolls around, it's going to be nearly 2 years since Cutler has had significant reps at QB and the Hoos can't afford to let him get up to speed on the field. He'll redshirt and be given a chance to compete for the starting job in 2015. I wouldn't be too surprised if he won it.

Link to Video