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2014 Virginia Signee: Darious Latimore

Darious Latimore
Position: CB

Hometown (School): Lawrenceville , GA (Central Gwinnett)
Height/Weight: 6'0" 161 lbs
Committed to Virginia: 10/21/13
Lead Recruiter: Vincent Brown

At just 161 pounds, Latimore is likely to be the smallest player on the Virginia football team next year. But at 6'0" he's actually one of the taller CBs they'll have. He isn't the fastest of CBs and may have to move to S because of that. His listed 40 time is 4.65, and that is far too slow for a 161 pound CB. Of course, right now he's too small to play S.

Latimore is rated as a 3 star CB by all the recruiting services. Latimore, however, has great instincts for a CB. He's adept at reading plays in front of him and making plays. He is solid in man coverage, but his best play is when he's in a zone and can read the play without having to focus on a single player.

This is Latimore's junior year highlight film. There is no highlight on him on most plays, so look for him on the offense's right side. He is almost always in a zone, and he's best coming up a ball thrown in front of him. For such a slight guy, he can lay a good hit on the receiver to force an incompletion.

The Hoos don't play as much zone as other teams (or as they did in the past). However, they still play plenty of combination coverages. Latimore is going to best in these schemes, because he's not a great man coverage guy. His ability to lay a pop on a receiver and to come up and help against the run makes him more valuable, and opens up the possibility of a move to S.

While his posted 40 time isn't very good, he certainly plays faster than the clock. Latimore should redshirt and work on getting bigger. Since he's not super fast, the added weight shouldn't really hurt his speed much. But if he can get up to 180 or so pounds, he'll be a much better asset. At the very least, he looks like a very solid special teams guy.

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