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2014 Virginia Signee: Jacob Fieler

Jake Fieler
Position: OL

Hometown (School): Parkersburg, WV (Parkersburg South/FUMA)
Height/Weight: 6'5" 295 lbs
Committed to Virginia: 12/18/13
Lead Recruiter: Steve Fairchild/Scott Wachenheim

Jacob Fieler came out of nowhere as a Virginia commit. I don't think fans had heard much about him at all until it was reported that he had committed. Along with Andrew Brown, Fieler enrolled at Virginia in January. As with Brown, this technically means he's not part of the 2014 class, but again that's just confusing. Fieler was fully qualified, but had been under-scouted, coming out of a relatively small school in West Virginia. Since he had no offers, Fieler decided to enroll at FUMA in order to get a little bit more exposure. It was there that he began to get noticed. He ended up with 3 FBS offers (Cincinnati and USF along with the Hoos).

What most impressed scouts when they watched Fieler at FUMA was his size and his footwork. He's a big kid, obviously. But he's more athletic than most guys his size. He's played all over the line. At Parkersburg, he played OT, but he was mostly an OG at FUMA. He certainly has the athleticism to play  OT, but right now he's a better bet for OG, and that is where he will start for the Hoos.

Sadly, I am unable to find a highlight reel of Mr Fieler. It makes it impossible to get a good read on the player. All of my information comes from other people's opinions. He seems like a bright kid, so maybe he could pick up the OC position. That would really help the Hoos, who haven't had a real OC in the program in a number of years. That's been a big part of what's held the OL back.

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