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2014 NFL Draft: Morgan Moses Picked 66th by Washington Redskins

After a long, long wait, Big Mo is off the board and out of the green room

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday night, the first round came, then went.

On Friday night, the second round came, then went.

But when the third round started, Morgan Moses' wait was over.

After 65 players had been picked before him—including all but one of his cohort from the green room at Radio City Music Hall—the bearded giant landed only miles from home, joining the Washington Redskins and new head coach Jay Gruden. Moses was the Skins' second pick of the draft after Stanford DE/LB Trent Murphy went at pick #47.

Anyone who has seen Morgan play at Virginia the past four years has seen both the talent that propelled him into the first three rounds, and the inconsistency that kept him out of the first two. At 6-foot-6 and 314 pounds, Morgan has the one trait that can't be coached: size. Hopefully the slimmed down, more athletic, Moses 2.0 can get deeper bend in his hips and knees to make the most of his gargantuan frame.

With Moses' selection, 2014 becomes the 31st consecutive year that a Virginia Cavalier has been selected in the NFL Draft.

All Wahoos' eyes now turn to Brent Urban, the most likely other draftee of this year's Cavaliers.