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Streaking The Lawn's 2014 Virginia Football Tailgate!

Save the date: September 6 against Richmond.

It's TAILGATING season!!
It's TAILGATING season!!

Virginia Football is BACK (in the sense of players being out there on the field, not in the sense early 1990s glory), which means it's time for you, me, and a couple hundred of our closest e-friends to get together before a game!

Streaking The Lawn's
2014 Tailgate
September 6 | 11:00 a.m. | Physics Building

The team is 3-0 in games where STL has hosted our official tailgate. We also promise that we went with the Richmond game instead of the UCLA game solely due to timing and not at all in an effort to preserve our streak.

Once again, thanks to St. Maarten's Cafe for sponsoring this event and providing us with a feast, coupled with both hydration and feel-right beverages for your enjoyment. As always, there will be cornhole as well.

But hey, do us a favor and RSVP below so we can get a sense of how many mouths we'll be feeding!

We can't wait to meet you!