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2014 Virginia Football Predictions: STL Picks 'Em All

Can the Wahoos really have as abysmal of a season as the media is predicting?

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As we look ahead to the upcoming season, there's very little expectation surrounding the Virginia Football program. The question on most people's minds seems not to be whether Virginia will have a good season and make a good bowl game, but rather, what's the "best" Virginia can do while all but guaranteeing a new head coach for next season.

It seemed premature to us to be looking for a new head coach before this season has even started, so your Streaking The Lawn staff has submitted our predictions on how this season will end.

Individual ballots ranged from a 4-8 season at worst to a 7-5 season at best. Consensus came to a 4-6 season with two games coming in dead ties. Here's how the voting shook out:

Paul Wiley Brian Schwartz Matt Trogdon Tiki Drew Goodman Tim Mulholland Will Campbell Brian Leung Consensus
vs. UCLA Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss
vs. Richmond Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win
vs. Louisville Loss Loss Win Loss Win Win Loss Loss Loss
@ BYU Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss
vs. Kent State Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win
vs. Pitt Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win
@ Duke Loss Win Loss Win Win Win Loss Loss Coinflip
vs. UNC Loss Loss Loss Win Loss Loss Win Win Loss
@ Georgia Tech Win Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Win Loss
@ Florida State Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss
vs. Miami Loss Win Win Win Win Win Loss Loss Win
@ Virginia Tech Win Loss Win Win Win Loss Loss Loss Coinflip
Record 5-7 5-7 6-6 7-5 7-5 6-6 4-8 5-7 4-6-2

Surprisingly optimistic predictions from the STL staff as compared to what much of the other media is predicting. Most notably, our staff is in unanimous agreement that the Hoos will pull out wins over Richmond, Kent State and Pitt. Unsurprisingly, it's unanimous predictions for losses to UCLA, BYU and Florida State.

What's it say that Duke and Virginia Tech are both picked as coinflip games?

Some miscellaneous comments as follows:

vs. UCLA

Drew says: Their front-seven is too good for Virginia's inexperienced offense. UCLA's skill guys not named Brett Hundley are not that impressive, so I think the defense will give us a few flashes of brilliance here and there. It will not be as bad as Oregon, but UCLA still wins by 3 touchdowns plus.

Wiley says: The history of PAC-12 opponents at Scott Stadium in recent years (USC, Oregon) suggests time zones make no difference. This is a Hundley-led beat em down

vs. Richmond

Tiki says:  The Hoos may not be a great team, but beating an FCS team doesn't require it. They'll win and easily.

Drew says:  I don't care if they have two, three, or ten former UVa quarterbacks, the Hoos should put this one away in the second half. This game is a great opportunity for the offensive line to gel.

vs. Louisville

Wiley says:  Maybe a chance for a sneaky win here: new QB, new coaches, catch em slipping?

Leung says: Even without the change, Louisville's too good a squad for the Hoos this year. The Teddy Bridgewater after effects enough will give the Hoos a headache.


Trogdon says:  Run out of gas in the altitude.

Schwartz saysNo more miracles this year - winning at Scott Stadium last season was just that.

vs. Kent State

Drew says:  Kent State is not Southern Miss, Louisiana Tech, or Ball State. They bring back 10 starters from a team that finished 4-8 last year. Another great opportunity for the offense to gain some confidence.

Leung says: No good can come from this game.

vs. Pitt

Wiley says:  Hoos should have won this game on the road last year. This year's UVa defense is better, and if the offense is any less of a raging dumpster fire, this could be a big step forward for a team that hasn't won a conference game since 2012.

Trogdon says:  Shoulda beat 'em last year.

@ Duke

Wiley says: Duke is maybe three years ahead of where UVA is trying to go. This game shows the gap.

Drew says:  This is a must win, and I think the Hoos get it done. Duke has had the offseason from hell, and they don't have the depth to make up for their personnel losses yet. UVa gets a bye the week before and Duke plays Georgia Tech's triple option.

vs. UNC

Leung says: It wasn't too long ago that UVA owned this rivalry in Scott Stadium. Carolina might be my favorite to win the Coastal, but Virginia will exploit the Tar Heels' struggles at the line on both sides of the ball.

Schwartz says:  Virginia looked pretty bad against UNC last season. I hate losing to them at home too.

@ Georgia Tech

Tiki says:  The Hoos have a real chance in this game. The Jackets aren't any better than the Hoos, and Paul Johnson is probably on his way out. But in Atlanta, I suspect the Hoos will fall.

Trogdon says:  Can't stop that offense.

@ Florida State

[Redacted - NSFW]

vs. Miami

Drew says:  Denzel Perryman is a baller, but the rest of their defense is nothing to write home about. The Hoos does some soul searching during the bye week and UVa wins a close one to gain bowl eligibility.

Trogdon says:  You don't just waltz into Scott Stadium on senior day and beat the Wahoos...or something.

@ Virginia Tech

Tiki says:  This may be a bit of wishful thinking, but the Hokies are going to struggle offensively this year. By this point in the season, the Hoos should be at their best and may actually end the streak.

Drew says:  It's got to happen some time right? For the past two years, the UVa defensive line has dominated tech's O-line, and that will continue this year. Unless that Brewer kid turns out to be a world beater, the vt offense will not scare anybody and the Hoos win an ugly one in Blacksburg.

Schwartz says: Picking this one hurts...but I don't think this is the year. Eff.

Agree? Disagree? Go ahead and list your predictions in the comments below. We'll revisit this at the end of the year for bragging rights.