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UVA Football: Mike London Talks Freshmen Against UCLA

Which freshmen might see the field come Saturday?

Quin Blanding is one of four freshmen who could have an immediate impact.
Quin Blanding is one of four freshmen who could have an immediate impact.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

From today's ACC coaches' teleconference, Virginia Football Head Coach Mike London was asked which true freshmen out of this impressive class would be able to contribute from the beginning.

"We feel very fortunate to have the class that we have," London said. "I identified four players that have an opportunity to play for us this year, and that's [safety] Quin Blanding, that's [defensive tackle] Andrew Brown, that's [wide receiver] Jamil Kamara, and [wide receiver] Doni Dowling. Those are the four that have gone through the stretch of August camp and they've shown skills."

This doesn't come to us as news, as London mentioned this earlier in the week as well. For those playing along at home, that's two freshmen on each side of the ball.

But London knows that throwing them to the wolves -- specifically the No. 7-ranked wolves, and specifically the No. 7-ranked Bruins -- may not be the best approach.

"What you want to be careful of is just putting them in situations where ... they've only had ... just a number of practices, of college practices, to be ready. So you don't want to set them up for failure, but at the same time, they came because they wanted to play."

"We have to be smart about when we put them in the game and what we're asking them to do, particularly for this game, and just bring them along. They're ready to play. They're competitors. We're glad to have them on our team. And I know that they're looking forward to their first college football game."

Keep an eye out for this freshmen foursome this Saturday when Virginia plays host to UCLA at noon.