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Virginia Upsets Louisville: Greyson Lambert Reacts (Video)

After a season of controversy over the quarterback position, have the students spoken as to their preference?

After leading the Virginia offense for most of the day en route to a 23-21 upset over the 21st-ranked Louisville Cardinals, could Greyson Lambert be the go to quarterback for the rest of the season?

The students may very well think so. After rushing the field (insert age old debate here), the crowd threw overwhelming support at the redshirt sophomore, chanting his name loud enough that he was unable to hear his own interview questions.

Taking the win with great composure, Lambert credited today's victory to the unity amongst the team -- these words ring louder coming from one of the two quarterbacks who has spent the entire season this far battling for position and receiving uncertainty at best in return.

Watch the rest of his on-field interview above. We'll have more videos coming from the ACC Digital Network later this evening, but in the meanwhile enjoy this teaser. The boys will be back in action next week in Provo for a 3:30 kickoff against BYU, who will be trying to avenge their puzzling loss to the Hoos last season.