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Video Highlights of Virginia's 23-21 Upset over Louisville

"This is one of the most emotional games I've ever had." --Henry Coley

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

A win over a ranked team deserves more than just a couple recap stories. And thanks to the ACC Digital Network, we can relive Virginia's 23-21 win over No. 21 Louisville in all its glory. Or at least the highlights of its glory. We're pretending like UVA didn't give up three turnovers of its own this weekend. Because that definitely did not happen.

Highlights of Virginia's win over Louisville:

UVA quarterback Grayson Lambert throws the fade to Miles Gooch who times his leap perfectly for the TD catch in this ACC Must See Moment:

UVA fans storm the field after the Cavaliers upset win over #21 Louisville:

Virginia Head Coach Mike London has to hold back tears (again) when speaking about his team's huge upset win over 21st-ranked Louisville on Saturday. It was the Cavaliers' first win over a ranked opponent since 2011:

And finally, in case you missed it yesterday, starting quarterback Greyson Lambert was also pretty excited about the win yesterday.