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ACC Digital Network Ranks UVA #3 in Power Poll

After watching every game from Week 3, ACC Digital Network host Jeff Fischel reveals his ACC rankings. Boston College shocked USC, Virginia Tech was upset at home, and Virginia beat Louisville. How does Jeff make sense of it all?

Answer: Jeff is the smartest person to have ever lived on the internets, because the Hoos check in at No. 3. Jeff agrees with the Twitterfolk that Duke remains unproven, while Virginia could very well have been undefeated at this point in the season.

Here's how the rest of his rankings played out -- and definitely check out the video above for highlights:

  1. Florida State (Bye)
  2. Clemson (Bye)
  3. VIRGINIA (W 23-21 vs. Louisville)
  4. Pitt (W 42-25 vs. FIU)
  5. Duke (W 41-3 vs. Kansas)
  6. Virginia Tech (L 21-28 vs. ECU)
  7. BC (W 37-31 vs. USC)
  8. Louisville (L 21-23 vs. UVA)
  9. Miami (W 41-20 vs. Arkansas State)
  10. NC State (W 49-17 vs. South Florida)
  11. UNC (Bye)
  12. Syracuse (W 40-3 vs. Central Michigan)
  13. Georgia Tech (W 42-38 vs. Georgia Southern)
  14. Wake Forest (L 24-36 vs. Utah State)
What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Remember, the STL Power Rankings will come out later this week!