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ESPN College GameDay Video on Mike London and Bone Marrow Transplant

Go ahead, and don't worry, we know it's a little dusty in here.


As a part of their College GameDay tear-jerker series, ESPN did a four-minute special on Virginia head coach Mike London and his daughter Ticynn, who was diagnosed early on with with Fanconi anemia, a blood disorder that leads to bone marrow failure and sometimes leukemia.

Just ten years ago, London, doing what almost any father would do, volunteered to try a bone marrow transplant, as the doctors suggested that may be one of the only options that could -- could -- save her life.

The odds were one in 10,000, and London nonetheless found a way to beat those odds. Grab a kleenex and watch the video.

The video also makes mention of senior FS David Marrs, who was selected as a random bone marrow match for an elderly woman. Each year for the past five years, the Virginia Football team runs a bone marrow drive that holds just a little extra special meaning for the coach.

Here's the ESPN video: