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STL Week Four ACC Power Rankings: Florida State Still King

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Will normally puts the power rankings together. I had no idea just how long this took. Anyway, here is this week's Top 14. No change in the Top 3 (which includes Duke, which is weird to say still). UVA moves up despite the loss, but really, everything from 3-11 was determined by drawing names out of a hat.

1. Florida State Seminoles (3-0, 1-0). Last week: 1.
Even without Jameis Winston, Florida State pulled out the win over the conference's clear No. 2 team, so no surprise that they stay on top of the rankings for another week.
"Welp, if they could win the hardest game on their schedule without their Heisman winning QB, they're probably in pretty decent shape." - Schwartz

2. Clemson Tigers (1-2, 0-1). Last week 2
Best 1-2 team in the country? Clemson gets North Carolina and NC State next, so they should have a couple easy weeks to right their ship.
"Even though Florida State was without Jameis Winston, Clemson looked legit when they took the 'Noles to overtime. If Clemson would just stop Clemsoning and clean up some of the mental errors, things could have played out differently last Saturday." - Leung

3. Duke Blue Devils (4-0, 0-0). Last week: 3
Duke easily took care of Tulane last week and will be facing a not-that-good Miami team this time around.
"We all know that Duke's played an absolutely embarrassingly easy OOC schedule, adding to a long list of embarrassing Duke things. They shouldn't benefit. But...because they haven't had the opportunity to screw up yet like most of their ACC brethren, they unfairly creep up to third." - Tiki

4. Virginia Cavaliers (2-2, 1-0). Last week: 5
Coulda woulda shoulda when it comes to BYU and UCLA for the Hoos. Virginia gets a breather when they face a bad Kent State team this week.
"Virginia put up a heck of a fight against a ranked BYU squad. A couple defensive and special teams woes and red zone struggles kept the Hoos out of the win column, but we've now seen enough to have reason to believe that UVa should be competitive in conference play. Virginia already won one of their two Atlantic matchups, and the rest of the Coastal is pretty much a crapshoot." - Leung

5. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (4-0, 0-0). Last week: 11
GT had the upset over Virginia Tech last week and will have a bye on Saturday. This gives them a chance to get ready for Miami the week after.
"Much like Duke, they've benefited from a cupcake schedule. But they also just won @VT and that's the best win thus far in the Coastal division. They get a bye week to celebrate." - Tiki

6. Louisville Cardinals (3-1, 1-1). Last week: 7
I honestly don't know how good Louisville is. They play Wake this week, so we won't know after this week either, although I suppose we could find out just how bad the Cardinals might be.
"I think Louisville is a good team. They played well against Miami and nearly beat UVa on the road. Unfortunately, their OOC schedule hasn't shown me anything, so I can't put them any higher than just behind UVa. It looks like we won't really see how good Louisville is for another two weeks as they play Wake and Syracuse before Clemson Oct. 11."  - Will

7. Pittsburgh Panthers (3-1, 1-0). Last week: 4
Iowa is not a good time, and Pitt couldn't even beat them. Luckily for Panthers fans, Pitt returns to their regularly scheduled cupcake opponents this week against Akron.
"I was really starting to believe in Pitt. They had looked good against BC who turned around and beat USC (Commutative property? I think?). Then they go and lose to Iowa at home and I am back to square one. Come on Pitt, I had you as the sleeper pick in the Coastal! Don't let me down!" - Will

8. Boston College Eagles (3-1, 0-1). Last week: 9
BC did what they were supposed to do against Maine. That's pretty much the only commentary I have on that. Eagles face Colorado State this week.
I think Boston College, Virginia Tech and Miami are all pretty even. But BC's "body of work" has been the best so far. The Eagles should make a bowl game again this season, and have as good a chance as anyone to finish third in the Atlantic."Trogs
"Addazio has his team playing well, and it is clear that the Eagles have made plenty of progress since that loss to Pitt. This week is another gimme and then BC has two weeks to get ready for NC State. We'll know a lot more about the Eagles next month, but they look like a solid bowl team right now." - Drew

9. VPISU Hokies (2-2, 0-1). Last week: 6
Dropping one to Georgia Tech is not one the Hokies will be able to get over quickly. Could the Hokies lose three in a row when they face Western Michigan this week? Haha yeah probably not.
"You can't spell overrated without VT. The (c)Hokies really have lived up to their nickname the last two weeks after beating Ohio State. At one point, Tech fans dreamed of 10 wins. Tough to see that happening now." - Trogs
"I called the ECU upset, but the Georgia Tech loss came out of nowhere. The Hokies beat themselves and now sit at 2-2. This is a young team that will have its moments (see the Ohio State game), but will struggle with consistency throughout the year. Fortunately for Tech, it plays Western Michigan this weekend, followed by the easiest ACC slate, so count on Beamer extending his bowl streak." - Drew

10. Miami Hurricanes (2-2, 0-1). Last week: 10
Miami and Duke will be a good matchup.
On talent, Miami probably deserves to be higher. But they've lost their only two games "of consequence" so far. Saturday's clash with Blue Devils gives them a chance to turn things around."Trogs
"The Canes have been tested twice, and they failed each time. All 12 of their fans are getting restless, but those were too very difficult games for a young team. Miami plays Duke and at Georgia Tech in the next two weeks, and it needs to win at least one of those. If the Canes drop both of those games, turn out the lights on this season, and possibly the Al Golden era in Coral Gables." - Drew

11. North Carolina Tar Heels (2-1, 0-0). Last week: 8
BIG loss to ECU last week. Like, BIG. A tough stretch coming up against Clemson, VT and Notre Dame won't help the Heels' cause.
"HAHAAHAHAHAHA, UNC. East Carolina isn't a bad team at all, but nobody should ever score 70 points in a football game. Larry Fedora is on the hot seat." - Schwartz
"Fedora is not on the hot seat. Schwartz has been drinking again." - Leung

12. N.C. State Wolfpack (4-0, 0-0). Last week: 13
Everyone pray for NC State who has to face Florida State this week. #Pray4Wolfpack

13. Syracuse Orange (2-1, 0-0). Last week: 12
A B1G loss to Maryland this past weekend, and a tough matchup against No. 8 Notre Dame this weekend. Not looking good for the Orange.
Cuse, you had one job. We kicked the damn Terps out and nobody ever wanted to see them again. We let you play them just as long as you would beat them! Enjoy being at the bottom of the rankings because going 1-7 over your next 8 looks likely (ND, Louisville, FSU, Wake, Clemson, NC St, Duke, & Pitt)." - Will

14. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (2-2, 0-0). Last week: 14
A win against Army, good for them. Wake really could lose out the rest of the season though.
"Not only does Wake Forest stink, but now they beat Army? That takes some nerve. As punishment, they'll lose out." - Schwartz

Here's how the voting broke down:

Last Week Caroline Will Schwartz Leung Tim Tiki Trogs Wiley Drew OVERALL
Florida State FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU Florida State
Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Georgia Tech Clemson
Duke Duke Georgia Tech Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke UVa Clemson Duke
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Duke Louisville UVA UVA GT Louisville Boston College Duke UVa
UVa UVa UVa UVA Louisville GT Pitt Virginia Duke Virginia Georgia Tech
VPISU GT Louisville Georgia Tech Pitt Louisville UVA Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Louisville Louisville
Louisville Louisville Pitt Pitt BC Pitt Louisville Pitt Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
UNC VPISU VPISU VT UNC VT VT Boston College Louisville Boston College Boston College
Boston College BC UNC BC GT Miami BC Virginia Tech VPISU VPI VPISU
Miami UNC BC Miami VT BC Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami
Georgia Tech Miami NC State UNC NC State N.C. State NCSt NC State North Carolina NC State UNC
Syracuse NC State Miami Syracuse Miami UNC UNC North Carolina Syracuse North Carolina NC State
NC State Syracuse Syracuse NC State Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse NCST Syracuse Syracuse
Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake