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GIF Preview: Virginia Cavaliers vs. Syracuse Orange

Welcome to the GIF Preview...OPTIMISTS EDITION!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

My esteemed colleague Will Campbell usually puts together the weekly "GIF Preview" here at Streaking the Lawn. This season, the series has been a disaster. Thus far, Will has predicted losses in all four FBS games in which the Virginia Cavaliers have played. Unsurprisingly, the team has followed each of those crushingly negative previews with losses in real life. The power of the GIF Preview knows no bounds.

You're welcome, Wahoo fans. I am here to save the day. Here's how tomorrow's game will play out, in this OPTIMIST'S EDITION of the GIF Preview:

The Virginia Cavaliers win the toss, and choose to receive.  The Syracuse kickoff flies into the end zone. TJ Thorpe catches the ball - he is a big play threat! - annnnnnnnnd kneels it!  Apparently, the Virginia coaching staff has realized that starting at the 25 yard line is pretty good!

Motivated by not having to start inside their own 15 yard-line, the Virginia offense drives down the field. The team starts the game with a play-action pass, utilizing its strength at wide-receiver. Then, it pounds the ball with Smoke Mizzell, Daniel Hamm, and Evan Butts, as the situation calls for it. The defense is on its heels! Johns to Severin...touchdown Virginia!

The Orange go three-and-out. Virginia gets the ball back and scores again - 14-0!  Then Syracuse quarterback Eric Dungey drops back to pass, throws the ball, and it goes right at a Virginia defender! Confused, he decides to catch it. That's called an interception, and UVA gets the ball! The team is thrilled with this new type of play - nobody knew it was allowed!

Late in the first half, Virginia leads 21-0. Virginia receives the ball with 40 seconds remaining. Because the team has all of its timeouts, they are able to quickly move into field goal range to take a 24-0 lead going into halftime.

The second half is more of the same. Just excellent play-calling, disciplined execution, and the coaching staff doesn't doing anything stupid that makes fans want to cry. UVA wins 48-0 and fans rush the field,  because UVA fans love rushing the field.

What's that?! Justin Anderson is at mid-field? And he has decided to come back to college?! Joe Harris, you're there too?!?! They gave him another year of eligibility?!

Oh god, wait.  I was dreaming this whole time.

Actually, UVA plays a pretty good game, and overcomes some questionable decision-making, to edge a reeling Syracuse team 23-20.  We'll take it!

Next up, Virginia looks to continue to piece together a 7-game winning streak when they head to North Carolina, and Virginia fans look toward basketball season, which is 27 days away.