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Al Golden fired from Miami after school's worst loss; Mike London remains employed

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Following the school's worst-ever loss, a 58-0 thumping to No. 3 Clemson, the Miami Hurricanes have fired head coach Al Golden. During the course of his career as head coach of Miami, dating back to the 2011 season, Golden amassed a 32-25 overall and 17-18 ACC record.

During this tenure, Golden, a former Defensive Coordinator at Virginia from 2001-2005 under Al Groh, went 1-3 against Virginia under Mike London, who overlapped at Virginia with Golden from 2001-2004 as the DL coach.

While leading Miami, Golden went 0-5 against in-state rivals Florida State, a program who has thrived during the same time as Miami's struggles.

Speaking of Virginia Head Coach Mike London, the former police officer has amassed a 25-43 overall and 12-31 ACC record during his time at Virginia so far. That's an overall winning percentage of 36.8%, and just a conference winning percentage of 27.9%. Compare that with Golden's 56.1% overall and 48.8% ACC winning percentage.

The expectations at Virginia and Miami are different, of course. It's perhaps a longer, more in-depth conversation to explore whether the expectations should be different, but certainly on paper, Golden has been more successful than London, but it is Golden who finds himself unemployed midway through the 2015 season.