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THE COLUMN: Virginia vs. Pittsburgh Complete Preview

Virginia finally enters into ACC play this Saturday at Pittsburgh. Will they leave with a win?

Welcome back!  During their bye week, Virginia did not lose (or win) which is a good thing.  Hopefully everyone has had time to erase the Boise State game from their mind because this week, the 'Hoos are back in action at Pittsburgh.  This marks the start of ACC play for the Cavaliers while the Panthers defeated Virginia Tech last week.

Perhaps the largest question that looms for Virginia is whether or not their tough out-of-conference schedule will pay dividends in ACC play.  Virginia played with heart against UCLA and Notre Dame but looked lackluster against William & Mary and Boise State.  Even though Pittsburgh currently sits at 3-1, their wins are against Akron, Youngstown State, and a weak VT team (granted, this is something Virginia has not been able to do for over a decade now).  There is no doubt that a lot of questions still remain about this Virginia team but they definitely need this win to get off on the right foot in ACC play.

Can the 'Hoos pull it off?  Why haven't we heard Evan Butts' name again and will he score a touchdown?  Let's break it down in THE COLUMN.