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THE COLUMN: Virginia vs. Duke Complete Preview

Of the football, not basketball, variety.

The seat is officially red hot for Mike London now that the Cavaliers are bowl ineligible after losing 31-38 last week to Louisville. This marks the fourth year that Virginia has been bowl ineligible.  Now 3-7 on the season, the Cavaliers are only playing for pride at this point.  That being said, Virginia has played tough all year but have fallen short time and time again.

Duke started off the season 6-1 and was ranked as high as #22.  However, the Blue Devils have subsequently dropped three straight games, including their controversial loss to Miami.  While the ACC Coastal title is out-of-reach for Duke, they will look to finish the season strong and secure a solid bowl bid.

Virginia needs to desperately clean up their play if they want to beat Duke.  Unfortunately, costly mistakes have been all too common of a theme this year for Virginia football.

Is this the end of the road for Mike London?  Let's break it down in THE COLUMN.