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Virginia Cavaliers vs. Duke Blue Devils: Get in your predictions and set the line!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You saw in THE COLUMN that your Streaking the Lawn staff is largely picking Virginia not only to win, but also to cover Vegas's 2.5 point spread. Agree? Disagree? Enter your own predictions here and see how you stack up against the rest of Streaking The Lawn's readers, Duke Basketball Report's readers, Vegas as a whole, and more.

Listen, and I don't mean to be trying to persuade you one way or another, but the Vegas line of UVA -2.5 was out before Duke dismissed three of their players, including a starting WR who's second on the team in both receptions and yards. That's got to count for something.

Also, don't forget that the game is being played in the vaunted Scott Stadium, where the Hoos are 3-2 on the season, including nearly pulling off the upset over Notre Dame.

Also, now that the Hoos are all but ineligible for a bowl game, they're playing with that "don't care" attitude that tends to cause some surprise wins, right?

But...I don't mean to sway you.