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Nice Guys Finish Last: A Story of What Might have Been

Check out the story of Tom and Martha and the love that might have been.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Let me tell you a story about the one who got away.

Years ago, Tom met Martha, she was great. The two hit if off right away and Tom thought there could be something there. As it turns out, she was interested in George, who was a pretty decent guy in his own right.  Tom was bummed at first, but quickly got over it when he fell head over heals for a girl he grew up with, Allison.

It was great for a while, but soon Allison became a bit controlling and alienated Tom from his friends, so he decided it was time for a change.  Tom wasn't lonely for very long as he then started seeing Michelle, who happened to be a friend of Allison's. He had always thought she was pretty cool, but the timing just wasn't right. So the two start dating and once again, it started off great. She was wonderful, everyone Tom knows loved her. She was attractive, but there was just something missing.  They had no chemistry, so they decided to go their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Martha and George were still together, but it was clear things just weren't right. George just didn't seem to appreciate her. Tom thinks she's perfect, but George disagreed.  Things were on the rocks until one day, George said he was ready to move on.

Low and behold, Tom and Martha are both single. He wonders if she'd even remember him. He's not the same guy he was back then, but he has a lot of things going for him. In fact some of the things that some might see as flaws are exactly what she's into, or at least that's what he's heard.

Tom talks with her friends, just to see if she might be interested.  Every indication says she's not ready for a relationship. But he has to give it a try, right? He has to ask her out.

He builds up the confidence, and Tom asks her out. She agrees to go out with him. Here's his chance. Of all the people out there, he's the one for her, she's the one for him. Mutual friends think they'd be great together.  A perfect fit.  That is, if she even wants to date anyone right now.

So there they are at a quaint local coffee shop (or perhaps one in a completely different town altogether, it's not entirely clear), having a nice time when in walks her ex from years before, Mike. Little did you know, they had run into each other just the day before and got to talking. He's not exactly your choir boy as he spent some time in jail and had a bit of a drug problem, but he swore he was a changed man. They got to talking and he told her how much he wanted her in his life. That she could really help him continue to improve as a man.

Tom sits back and watches this unfold, stunned. He knew it was a possibility, but he had convinced himself there is no way she picks that guy. Turns out he was wrong.  Even before she met Tom at the shop that day, she had made up her mind, Mike was the one was the one for her, their history was just too much. In that moment, they turn to walk out the door. But before they leave, he looks Tom in the eye and gives him a swift kick to the groin.

Cheer up Wahoo fans, err Tom. Mark Richt could have been the one, but we'll never know. It looks like Virginia has let him out its grips twice now and had to endure the Al Groh and Mike London eras, but Virginia still holds a lot to be desired for a football coach. The facilities are great, they can compete salary-wise, and while the academic emphasis of the University and perceived limitations are present, there is a coach out there that will embrace it. Be patient, this isn't the end.