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Pop Quiz! Can you name UVA QB's from each year?

Danny Neckel

This morning, Drew Goodman wrote this article about Virginia's inconsistency at the quarterback position, counting nine different quarterbacks on opening kickoff day over the past 10 years, with a distinct possibility that there will be yet a new name this fall. Well, that got me thinking a little more about UVA's quarterbacks in the past. Everyone can name some of the greats, like Matt Schaub and Shawn Moore, but how many leading quarterbacks can you name since 1940? Can you top my score of 24?

The leaders are based on passing yards, with Schaub leading at 2,976, while quarterbacks in the 1940s only threw for 300 yards in an entire season. Last year's leader only threw for 1,632, 4th lowest since 1987.

Once you give it a shot, share your score in the comments so that we can all judge you accordingly be impressed by your tremendous Cavaliers history knowledge. Good luck!