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Quarterback Corwin Cutler to remain at Virginia

Last week, Corwin Cutler announced that he would be transferring from the University of Virginia in favor of a junior college. Strangely, all was quiet on the University front, with no public statement acknowledging his departure, as is expected and was the case when Greyson Lambert announced his departure.

Today, "Turtle" did a complete 180.

According to a report by Wahoos247, this news comes following a meeting that happened today between Turtle and head coach Mike London, offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild, and associate head coach of offense Chris Beatty.

At first glance, it would appear that Cutler's change of heart likely came after learning that Lambert would be leaving the program, thereby freeing up some space and playing time for the redshirt freshman. However, Wahoos247 also reports that, according to their source, when Cutler initially announced his decision, he had already known that Lambert would be leaving as well.

So, Virginia's "Transferred Quarterback" count gets scaled back down to only six since 2012. So looks like things are getting better indeed, wahoowa fans.