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Virginia Football New Student Fan Orientation

With UVa's class of 2019 recently committed to enroll at the University, how should future Hoos be preparing for the fall?

Geoff Burke/Getty Images

Welcome to the fan base, class of 2019 Wahoos! Now that you've chosen where to spend your next four years, we here at Streaking the Lawn would like to help you get acclimated to UVa fandom and the upcoming football season. Maybe you chose the University for its spectacular academics, the incomparable beauty of its Grounds, or simply the free admission to sporting events. Regardless, there are some things you'll want to know before your join us at Scott Stadium on 9/12:

The Basics

  • Coach: Mike London. Used to be a cop. Nice guy. Used to be a cop. Has led the team to more disappointing seasons than good ones. Used to be a cop. Won a National Championship as the Head Coach at U of Richmond. Hey you know what he used to be? A cop. Look at you, learning. You'll be reminded of this weekly while watching the game on ESPN17.
  • Stadium: Scott Stadium. Beautiful. A non-surprising theme of bricks and white columns. Has a big hill (cleverly called "The Hill") you can sit on if you so choose. I don't recommend doing so in heels on a rainy day.
  • Mascot: Cavman. Champion of all that is good. Conqueror of evil. Rider of Sabre, the horse. Not sure why we don't call the horse "Cavhorse."
  • Colors: Orange and Blue. Think navy blue. This all stems from a 1888 student meeting and a scarf. For seriously.
  • Cheers: Go Hoos. Let's Go Hoos. Let's Go Wahoos clap clap clapclapclap. You get the idea. No one says "Cavaliers."
  • Song: You're going to love The Good Old Song. Most schools sing a energetic uppity fight song when they score. We hug it out and sway.

Names to Know

  • Matt Johns/Greyson Lambert: Obviously you need to know who the quarterback is - and we've got two! Both started games last year - expect both to start games this season as well. Is that a good thing? Not usually...but anything can happen!
  • Taquan "Smoke" Mizzell: Former top-tier recruit at running back. This year is hopefully is time to shine as the starter. Usually the team will use 2 or 3 running backs, but Smoke should be the go-to-guy this season.
  • Quin Blanding: Star playmaker on defense. Another former uber recruit hailing from the 757 (the tidewater area of Virginia). The hero the fan base needs and deserves.
  • Canaan Severin: Experienced wide receiver. Happened to do this last year:

Things to Know

  • Many students dress up for the games. Sundresses. Pearls. OCBDs. Orange ties. Sperry's everywhere. If that's your thing, go for it. Just make sure it's all orange or blue.
  • Many students do not dress up for the games. Hoo Crew and assorted other orange t-shirts. Body paint. UVa hoodies. Wear whatever you want - a lot of people will be in standard sports-watching gear. No one's judging.
  • Hydration is key. This is more standard life advice, particularly for college students. Drink a lot of water. It's hot out there and you might have been consuming non-water beverages beforehand.
  • We haven't won much recently. 11 wins over the last 3 seasons isn't a whole lot of success. Nonetheless, as you'll see, the UVa students and community still tailgate in full force on Saturdays, sometimes followed by attending the game. Sometimes the team wins. Sometimes they don't. It's still the best way to spend half of your fall weekends.
  • There are reasons to be optimistic. There are plenty of things to look towards if you want to feel good about the team's chances this year: A strong defense, experienced quarterbacks, and T.J. Thorpe all come to mind. That might be it...but hey, you've got no reason to be bogged down by recent history - you're a first year! You've got your whole life ahead of you. Clean slate. Carpe diem.
  • Regardless, it won't make the experience less fun. Honestly, there's no better place on Earth than Charlottesville, Virginia on a clear fall day. Join your fellow Hoos in the student section and live it up. Scream for the team, sing the good old song, make assorted letters in the air with your arms. You won't regret it.