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Vote Now for Charlottesville Game Day's Greatest!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

At long last, the wait is over! It's time to start voting on the Charlottesville Game Day's Greatest!

We previously solicited nominations for the best establishment, sights and services to get you ready for game day as football season is right around the corner. We've narrowed down your top five (or more in the case of ties) in each category as your official nominees, and now it's time to cast your ballots!

We'll be using these results in a Charlottesville Game Day Guide that we'll put together before the first home game, which will be useful for those of you who have been away from C'ville for a little while and are looking to catch up on all the hottest spots, and also for those "guests" from opposing teams as they come into town looking for all the best places to hit up.

Feel free to vote as often as you'd like and spread the word! Voting will be open until end of day on Wednesday, September 2, 2015. Vote early, vote often!

Javascript is required. The question order will shuffle each time, as will the answer order, to ensure some level of fairness throughout.