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Putting UVA's quarterback struggles over the past decade into perspective

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As previously discussed on this site before, the past 10 years have not been kind to Virginia Cavaliers quarterbacks. Injuries, transfers, and in-game QB changes have plagued UVA and are reflected in the decade's 43-66 record. The charts below show just how bad Wahoo signal-callers have been since the Matt Schaub / Marques Hagans era.

Since 2006, Virginia QBs have only thrown 124 touchdown passes, which is ranked 109th in the country, despite being ranked 35th in passing attempts.

Virginia has not only struggled to score through the air, but has had trouble with interceptions as well. Only four teams have a worse TD to INT ratio in the past decade.

UVA Football QB TD INT ratio 10 years

Maybe a couple really bad seasons threw off the stats of good quarterbacks during that time frame? Unfortunately that is not the case either. UVA has not had a QB finish the season with a rating of 130 or more in ten years (minimum 100 attempts). Meanwhile Arizona St. and Texas Tech lead the country with 12 during the same time.

UVA Football QB Rating 10 years

Hopefully new starter Matt Johns can end the decade-long trend and provide some consistency to the vital position.