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What is UVA Football's recent history against top 10 teams like Notre Dame?

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

This Saturday the Virginia Cavaliers host the #9 ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish for just the second time in program history. UVA is no stranger to facing off against top ten ranked teams. In fact, the Irish will be the 11th top ten team the Hoos have faced since 2005. Luckily for Virginia, nine of the eleven have been at home. How has UVA done against these top ten teams? Check out the results below:

UVA vs Top 10 Teams

Ever since nimble QB Marques Hagans upset the Florida State Seminoles 10 years ago, the Hoos have lost their last nine tries against top ten teams. Only two of the games were within a touchdown and the average margin of loss is 29 points. Five of the games were by 38 points or more and those were all at home!

Hopefully this year's Cavaliers squad, led by another nimble QB in Matt Johns, can stop the trend.