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Virginia Cavaliers vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish Tailgating Information

Here's what you need to know if you plan on attending Streaking The Lawn's tailgate.

Virginia Football has its home opener tomorrow! Are you going to be there?

No seriously, are you? Because if so, we have an awesome tailgate lined up with nearly 200 people already RSVP'ed to attend. Here are the details:

Streaking The Lawn's
2015 Tailgate
September 12 | 11:00 a.m. | Physics Building
Sponsored by St. Maarten Cafe

Rain Or Shine!

It's going to be a great time. We'll have Maarten's wings. We'll have beer. We have many handles of things that will taste will on their own or mixed or in shot form. We'll have corn hole. We might even have some other surprises up our sleeves! WILL JOE HARRIS BE THERE? I don't know. But he's seems to be a pretty busy guy, so probably not.

If you're coming, we'd love to meet you! Please RSVP so we make sure we have sufficient food:

Here's a list of those who gave us the OK to list their names! STL names in bold, though almost your entire staff will be there:

@donballgame Craig Steven Mile
@emd3dh cwdarney Patrick
@fanubo Danny Neckel PIERCE
@geoffreyvs Dave plowery
@sbrydge Evan Rosen pwiley87
@Tim_STL Jay22936 Ragekage
Alex Cheung Keith W. Ryan Reese
Alex Garza Lauren Smrea86
Bill H Lauren P The_Superhoo
Brian Leung Leo Mc Tom
Brian Schwartz MarcelC Tripp
Bringer of Overplayed Legitimacy Maya S UVaKareBear
cbookerrva Meghan win pham '91
Cmoref01 michael reeves