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Virginia vs. Notre Dame Football Week 2 .gif Preview: Fightin Rudys

The gif preview is back with another look at how the Cavaliers will get beat in the first quarter and never come close to competing.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

So last weekend in California went about as well as we all expected. Even though the Hoos scored first (!), it never looked like they were truly able to get anything going. Then Josh Rosen magically became essentially a 3rd string starting QB Heisman candidate and the defense did everything they could to help him. Luckily they scored late to cover!

Meanwhile, in middle of nowhere, Indiana the Longhorns were taking on the Leprechauns and well....

Notre Dame laid the beatemdown on Texas. So, things are looking up for UVa this week!

The Fightin Irish get the ball to begin the game and proceed to go 75 yards in about 6 plays. All 40,000 Notre Dame "fans" are pumped while every UVa fan looks at one another and just

Hoos get the ball and pick up a first down off the bat! Hope is alive! Maybe they won't get blown out! But two runs up the middle and a screen pass leads to the Cavaliers' first punt of the game.

Notre Dame runs the kickoff back to the house and UVa is suddenly down 14-0.

Heading into halftime the Hoos only trail 17-0. Thus far, they've thrown 8 screens and 23 runs up the middle for a grand total of 43 offensive yards in the first half. Things look really good for the second half!

Fairchild opens the playbook up to open the second half and throws three straight screens instead of waiting for third and 5+. Nobody knows what is going on anymore. It appears Coach London has started crying on the sideline instead of waiting for their inevitable win over Miami.

Notre Dame blows out the Hoos in Charlottesville. We all expected it but we're all disappointed yet again. The good news coming out of this loss is that all the Notre Dame fans got to see another Irish victory before their 100th birthdays!

Another week another loss. Next week there might be hope when William and Mary comes to town! Granted, there is a history in UVa playing really well against the Tribe as well.