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Virginia FB Vince Croce reminds us that sometimes football players have feelings too

Vince Croce, right, doesn't need to hear it from you.
Vince Croce, right, doesn't need to hear it from you.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It's probably not easy being a Division I football player. I wouldn't know. Even aside from the time demands it has, what with practices, games, traveling, and so forth, the student-athlete experience in a major college football program -- and yes, Virginia has a major college football program -- is one that leaves you constantly in the spotlight.

Everyone has an opinion of what you did last weekend. Everyone thinks they're an expert at what you do day in, day out.

In large part, it comes with the territory. One of the upsides to getting a full or partial scholarship is that football players have to deal with constant scrutiny. Whether the substance of the scrutiny is fair or not is not the point. It's that football players, whether they like it or not, are basically a form of celebrity on campus.

But sometimes, it's easy to forget that football players have feelings too. Feeeeeelings. Nothing more than feeeelings.

Virginia fullback Vince Croce -- on the more vocal and certainly funnier side of the spectrum -- reminded us of this on Twitter this morning:

Always a good reminder that words have meanings and those meanings turn into feelings and that feelings are a thing that football players -- even though they're in the spotlight -- also have.