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THE COLUMN: Virginia Cavaliers vs. William & Mary Football Complete Preview

Mr. Jefferson's university faces off against Mr. Jefferson's alma mater. Who will win?

Last week's game against Notre Dame was nothing short of pure heartbreak.  Despite the loss, Virginia played exceptionally well and showed definite signs of improvement from the UCLA game.  This week, UVa faces a historic in-state opponent in the William & Mary Tribe.  This is not the first time these two schools have met, in fact, this game will be their 35th meeting.  Virginia leads this series 27-6-1.  It is also worth noting that William & Mary is part of the FCS, the "lower" division of Division I Football

The Cavaliers are currently 0-2 on the season and the Tribe is 1-0.  Virginia is in desperate need of a win and moral booster after last week.  Hopefully, this game should provide an opportunity for the 'Hoos to get back on track as ACC play creeps closer.  More importantly, Virginia will be donning its slick throwback unis which look too nice for us to lose in.  Right?

Let's break it down in THE COLUMN.