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Maurice Canady gets Virginia their first punt TD return since 2004!

Virginia's Maurice Canady is looking to prove something after the gaffe of last week's Notre Dame game. Coming right off the heels of an 80-yard screen pass touchdown for Virginia, the Hoos' defense forces a 3-and-out for William and Mary, and Canady returns the punt for a touchdown.

Go ahead and count in the video -- he cuts back and forth FIVE times to earn that touchdown.

The 74-yard punt return helped give Virginia a 35-20 lead, and it looks like the Hoos are finally looking to blow open the score against this FCS school, notwithstanding some early-game scares, as the Tribe led the Hoos for the bulk of the first half, and opened the second half with a successful onside kick.

Keep following along, and if you haven't found us already come hang out in today's game thread during the game.