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THE COLUMN: Virginia vs. Boise State Football Complete Preview

Virginia faces Boise State for the first time ever. Who will win?

Last week, Virginia faced the William & Mary Tribe in what proved to be more of a test than most thought.  The 'Hoos won 35-29 and had to deal with a late comeback effort by the Tribe.  Virginia will have to perform better this week when Boise State rolls into Charlottesville.  The Broncos were ranked #20 coming into the season but have been unranked since their Week 2 loss to the BYU Cougars.

This marks the first time that UVa and Boise State face each other in football and is part of a two-game series, with the second game scheduled at Boise State in 2017.  The Cavaliers will have to sharpen their defense and (fingers crossed) force some turnovers in order to beat the Broncos.  In addition, this game marks the final game of UVa's out of conference play.  Will Virginia be able to beat Boise State and enter ACC play 2-2?

Let's break it down in THE COLUMN.