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Chris Long appears on NBC29 as Hopeful Powerball Winner

Timeshares are a great investment.


Former Virginia Cavalier Chris Long, now of the St. Louis / LA Rams, was the No. 2 pick of the 2008 NFL Draft, but it wasn't until last night that his dreams became true.

Long, dressed in disguise, made his way to a local gas station and was interviewed by NBC 29 as a "Hopeful Powerball Winner."

So many boats! Living it up big in Myrtle (for 10 months) in a time share!

Long admitted on Twitter to the prank, though he was confused about the name.

He also has a piece of advice for everyone, Powerball winners or otherwise:

ESPN personality Scott Van Pelt, for one, appreciated the joke.

At the time of this writing, Long hasn't actually confirmed on Twitter whether he actually won the lottery.