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New Upgrades to Scott Stadium Debuting this Season

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You can see two of the new LED boards in this picture.
UVA Media Relations

When fans pour into Scott Stadium for the Virginia Cavaliers football season opener they will be treated to two new features. First, the university installed new LED boards on the field level that match the existing LED boards in the upper level. They are located in each endzone, corner, and south endzone of Scott Stadium. In the tweet below you can see two of the boards (with American flags being shown) in the bottom left and right.

Second, and the more noticeable change, is the addition of two hospitality tents located underneath the scoreboard. The “Commonwealth Club” will be similar to suites with all the amenities, but located on top of the hill for a different viewing experience. UVA recently installed this feature in centerfield of Davenport Field last baseball season. Below is a marketing rendition of what the semi-permanent tents will look like.

New “Commonwealth Club” tents at Scott Stadium
Photo Credit: Virginia Sports Properties

Virginia continues to invest in its infrastructure throughout the various athletics facilities. These two upgrades are just some of the examples of how UVA is rethinking the game day experience for fans at each venue.