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WATCH: Coastal Division Trophy, Commonwealth Cup, and Bronco breaking the rock

All the videos you want!

Bronco Mendenhall with the Cup
Vincent Briedis, UVA Media Relations

Big day for the Virginia Cavaliers as they collect brand new hardware for the first time, and some hardware that hasn’t found its way home in approximately 5,479 days.

Breaking a 15-year losing streak to the Virginia Tech Hokies, Virginia picked up, for the first time ever, the ACC Coastal Division Champions trophy. You can see the anticipation and emotion in both the coaching staff and the players as they get their hands on a trophy

Bryce Hall, who has been sidelined for most of the season due to injury, was as much a part of this as anyone else, and the coaches made sure that the emotional CB knew this.

It’s been 5,479 days since the Hoos were able to taste the sweet nectar of the Commonwealth Cup, but that ended this afternoon:

And the very emotional—and elated!—Bronco Mendenhall earned the rock-breaking honors:

And because you probably can’t catch enough highlights, here are a couple Bryce Perkins touchdowns early in the game: