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Preseason Media Lacrosse Poll Released; Virginia Ranked Eighth

Inside Lacrosse ranks the 2014 college lacrosse field, and the ACC is STACKED

Rob Carr

The first Inside Lacrosse media poll came out today, and Virginia finds itself looking up at the rest of the ACC.

Given how the ACC is ranked, that isn't the end of the world.

All six ACC teams are ranked in the top eight, including the top three spots of Duke, conference-newcomer Syracuse, and UNC-Chapel Hill. Denver and Penn State are the only two teams standing in the way of an ACC clean sweep of the rankings. Duke and Syracuse split all 19 of the first-place votes.

In addition to the five ACC games against ranked opponents, the Hoos will face ranked teams in the season-opener against Loyola, a March 8 trip to Cornell, and the Doyle Smith Cup game against Johns Hopkins on March 22. Drexel also received 7 points in the poll, finishing three spots outside the top 25.

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Only ten days until face-off!

(h/t College Crosse)