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Tuesday Tennis

Here is the first weekly update on all the happenings on the smaller courts.

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The collegiate tennis season has gotten underway, with the national pecking order in women's tennis established this past weekend, and the men set to do the same this coming weekend. Here is how the Virginia teams stand so far.

Women's Tennis

When We Last Left Our Heroes

The women's tennis team finished last season with a Round of 16 loss to Baylor.

How's it Going?

Going into the season, the women's tennis team looked poised to have the program's best year ever. Danielle Collins has been unstoppable outdoors, and the roster was bolstered by the transfer in of Victoria Olivarez and freshmen Erica Susi and Meghan Kelley. The squad is a senior-laden group that ought to have a "now or never" mentality. The team kicked off the season with a narrow victory over Boston College in Massachusetts, followed by easy wins over BYU and Columbia to book a spot in the National Team Indoor Championships.

Unfortunately, the Columbia win happened to take place in the midst of a snowstorm. The team was apparently directed to hole up in the hotel rooms at the Boar's Head Inn, mere steps from the Virginia Indoor tennis facility. Half the roster did so, while the other half decided to go back to the Virginia Central Grounds - presumably by bobsled, given the road conditions. Coach Mark Guilbeau suspended the players that left, and the depleted lineup lost a close match to a South Carolina squad they would have easily beaten with all hands on deck.

Three of the five players were re-instated for the National Team Indoor tournament this past weekend. Virginia knocked off Texas A&M in their opening match, but lost decidedly to eventual champion California in the quarterfinals, and followed it up with a loss to #1 Vanderbilt in their consolation match on Sunday. The team is now 4-3 on the year. The losses to Cal and Vandy are of minimal concern, but the South Carolina loss is going to be impact the team's eventual NCAA Tournament seed.

What's Next?

The team doesn't play again until Monday against Alabama in Charlottesville. In the meantime, the fate of Skylar Morton will hopefully be resolved in favor of her returning to the court. Morton was one of the suspended players not reinstated last weekend, and she is a key piece of the puzzle for this team moving forward. She has a 3-0 record at #3 singles, but if perhaps even more important is her contribution to doubles, where she is extremely talented. Simply put, the team is much better with Morton than without her.

Men's Tennis

When We Last Left Our Heroes

Wahoo, National Champions!!!

How's it Going?

The team is 4-0 and Virginia ain't played no one, PAWL!!! No, seriously, they haven't really played anyone who stood a chance. Kentucky gave it their best shot, but lost 6-1. Defending NCAA Singles Champion Ryan Shane did lose to Kentucky's #1 William Bushamuka, but whatever, it's early.

What's Next?

A big step up in competition. Today at 6:00 at the Boar's Head Inn, big, bad, #9 UCLA comes to town.The Bruins are undefeated with an impressive 6-1 victory over Georgia on their record. Virginia is really difficult to beat on their home indoor courts. It should be a great match.

This weekend, the Hoos will welcome 15 of the best college tennis teams to town when they host the Men's version of National Team Indoor tournament. Virginia has won the event five times, the last time coming in 2013. Action kicks off Friday morning, and runs through Monday afternoon.