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2013 Football Recruiting Big Board

We're keeping track of just about every potential UVA Football recruit for the 2013 class, or at least those recruits to whom Mike London and company have made an offer. Below you'll find a monster list of offerees, together with the rating that each of the four major scouting agencies assigned to them.

In the status column on the far right, you'll see a list of schools that have made on offer for that particular recruit. Once a recruit makes a verbal commitment, that'll get updated to blue and orange if they made the right decision, or some other color if they failed to see the error in their ways.

Recruiting and tracking the progress of a bunch of 17-year-olds is a fickle process. Still, we'll do our best to keep this updated throughout the year as the recruiting season progresses. For more recruiting action, visit the Virginia Football Recruiting section, which has drill-down data on recruits, commits, and other interesting stories.

Last updated: 7/14