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Matt Johns talks Virginia Football, transitioning head coaches, and the NFL

Your pregame pump up song is ridiculous, Matt.

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On today’s Streaking the Lawn Podcast, we’re joined by former Virginia Cavaliers starting quarterback Matt Johns. Johns, who just graduated last year, has the unique perspective of having survived the transition from Mike London to Bronco Mendenhall has head coach, including the quarterback shuffle controversies that came along with that.

As a second year, Johns saw a Virginia football team that finished 2-10 (Luke Bowanko, last week’s guest, was a captain that year), and he said to himself that he’d never find himself in that position, but fast forward to his senior season, and there he was. On the podcast, he tells us what it meant to be the quarterback during the transition from head coach Mike London to Bronco Mendenhall — we even talk about the rotating quarterback fiasco from the 2016 Virginia Tech game.

He also gives us a completely rational reason for the last-minute loss to Notre Dame: he might be cursed.

Today, Johns has his nose to the grindstone as he continues to try to find a home in the NFL. Though his family is a Steelers fan, he wants the teams to know that his fandom us up for grabs (what’s up, Ravens?).

What should Virginia fans expect from UVA this year? Who is going to have his breakout year this year? Johns gives us his picks for the upcoming campaign.

Finally, we couldn’t stop laughing at (with!) him when he told us what his favorite pregame “pump up” song is — don’t give him the aux cord! Oh, and he gives a shout out to the winning tennis team!

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