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Luke Bowanko joins the podcast to talk about Virginia Football and Game of Thrones

Plus, Luke has a request of all Virginia fans!

Before we jump right into the podcast, we hope you took stock of that brand new, slimmer, sleeker, better lookin’ logo that we have for the podcast! We’ve also retired the name “To Homer & Back” because quite frankly, it was kind of hard to say and none of you were saying it. So here we are, with the Streaking the Lawn Podcast to talk about all things Virginia Cavaliers.

Today, we welcome Jacksonville JaguarsLuke Bowanko, a 2013 Virginia football captain who also happens to be the first-ever return guest to the podcast (certificate’s on the way, Luke!). Luke, who says he is still able to catch just about all of the Virginia games on Saturdays, gives his expert insight on what he’s looking for out of the team next year and who he’s excited about. He also tells us how his fellow football alumni are feeling about Coach Bronco Mendenhall, both on the field and off.

After we're done talking about all that boring football stuff, we get down to the real deal, like what Luke HAS to eat when he returns to Charlottesville, what Game of Thrones character Virginia Football is most like, and how much fun it is to beat up on Miami. He also promises to fly the entire Streaking the Lawn staff out to Boise State for that game, using the Jags’ jet.

Finally, he has a request for all the UVA fans out there: tweet at Kyle Guy and let him know that Virginia Basketball wants — nay, needs -- him to bring back the Guy bun. You’ll want to listen to Luke’s plea.

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