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How did the 2018 baseball team miss the NCAA postseason?

After making fourteen straight NCAA postseason appearances, the Virginia Cavaliers' baseball team missed out altogether in 2018, just three seasons after winning a national championship.

2018 Virginia Baseball: How? Roster Attrition and the 2016 MLB Draft

The third installment of our 2018 analysis looks at the biggest contributing factors.

2018 Virginia Baseball: How? The Stats

A lack of depth on the mound and struggles at bat contributed to the anomaly that was 2018.

2018 Virginia Baseball: How? The Injuries

Injuries plagued a 2018 baseball team that was expected to otherwise make another run.

2018 Virginia Baseball: How?

We’re introducing a three-part series that dives deep into the 2018 Virginia Baseball team missed its first NCAA postseason appearance in 15 seasons.