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Pack Line Pledge fulfilled again after Tennessee State held to just 36

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Another game, another sub-50 effort by Virginia's opponents. After last night's 79-36 rout of Tennessee State, it's time to fulfill your part of the Pack Line Pledge once again.

The pledge continues to grow in popularity as more of you are pledging your part with every game. If you haven't taken the pledge but would like to learn more or get involved, simply read all about it here. Hey do us a favor -- if you're going to sign up for the pledge now, go ahead and do so on this post so that we make sure we include you in our next post!

At the time of this writing, there is a total of $275 pledged for each UVA win in which opponents are held to under 50 -- now let's make good on our promises!

Note: There is a minimum donation of $10, so for those of you who have pledged less than this per game, you'll need to either up your donation amount or wait until enough games have passed to make a donation in bulk!

If you'd like an email reminder each time an opponent is held under 50, and therefore each time it's time to pay up, simply email us.

A huge thanks to the following folks have taken the Pack Line Pledge:

Name Pledge Amount
Brian J. Leung $20
Brian Schwartz $3
OutOfStateHoo $5
PMWiley $5
mkr5u $1
WakeWahoo $20
cavfan108 $3
Jonesjulia $5
Tim Mulholland $10
IfTonyTweeted $25
UVaKareBear $5
anks89 $15 for a W; $5 for a L
KCCOlgate $10
sean_pfeiffer $10
Matt_Trogdon $20
WillSearcy15 $10
aldol13 $15
ezsweezy $10 for a W; $5 for a L
nicisom $5
jsdunn11 $5
Dsnows $25
Will Campbell $2
TikiUVA $10
diarance2010 $5
dmvagb $10
wtr3s $5
SirRobS $5
Schoolly_D $1
N_Gorski $10 + the number of points held below 50
TOTAL: $275+ for a W; $260+ for a L

And thank you to everyone who has made a donation even without the pledge!