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2015-2016 Pack Line Pledge Campaign Kickoff

With only two days until Virginia basketball tips off against Morgan State, we thought it appropriate to announce our second annual Pack Line Pledge. Once again, we are naming the One Love Foundation as the beneficiary of this year's pledge.

The One Love Foundation was founded following the tragic events in 2010, when Virginia women's lacrosse player Yeardley Love was murdered by her on-again, off-again boyfriend George Huguely, a member of the Virginia men's lacrosse team. The organization works to raise awareness about the early warning signs of relationship abuse and to activate communities to change the statistics surrounding relationship violence. Today, according to One Love Foundation, one in three women, and one in four men, will experience relationship violence in their lifetime.

The Pack Line Pledge is simple. Virginia Basketball has, arguably, the most touted defense in the nation. Nowhere else in the country do fans get as excited for a shot clock violation as they do in John Paul Jones Arena. Nowhere else in the country is there a very real possibility that an opposing team might not score more than 50 points a night. Here at Virginia, we expect this.

If you choose to make the Pack Line Pledge, then for each game that Virginia Basketball holds its opponents to under 50 points, you will donate a set amount to the One Love Foundation. What that set amount is, is up to you. If you can spare $5.00 per game, then you make that pledge. If you can spare $20.00 per game, then you make that pledge. The more games Virginia holds an opponent to under 50, the more you give.

For your reference, last year, the Hoos held 15 (out of 34!) opponents to under 50. The year prior, it was 12.

We're giving away TWO 2015-2016 Virginia Basketball team posters autographed by Tony Bennett!

Both posters will be given away at the end of the season. One will go to the person who pledged the largest amount and fulfilled the pledge for all the eligible games. (In the event of a tie, we'll randomly select someone.) The other will go to a randomly-selected person who fulfilled the pledge for all of the eligible games. Huzzah!

Ready to make your pledge? Feel free to comment below how much you're pledging, but please be sure to officially log your pledge amount here. We'll publish this list on future Pack Line Pledge announcements.

Pledges will be fulfilled through CrowdRise, which handles payment and sends the money directly to the One Love Foundation.

Let's make this a big year, not only for Virginia Basketball and its fans, but also for the One Love Foundation. Remember, it's on us, all of us, to prevent relationship violence. Let's empower the One Love Foundation and each other to make a difference.