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Virginia vs. George Washington Basketball to be Georgia? Whoops

Sorry to all the Virginia fans in the DC / Northern Virginia area who have already bought tickets to the UVA-GW basketball game on Monday night. We're just getting word through the official UVA twitter account that the game will, in fact, be played in Suwanee Georgia, at North Gwinnett High School.

Early Sunday afternoon, the official Virginia men's basketball twitter account accidentally tagged the wrong account when building up some hype about Monday night's Virginia-GW game. Whoops!


North Gwinnett was as surprised as the rest of us!

But they certainly didn't back down from the challenge, if it does in fact mean they need to suit up.

So pack your bags, folks -- we're going to Georgia!

(As best we know, this was just a typo, y'all. Game still to be played in DC.)