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The Pack Line Pledge is a great way to make Giving Tuesday count

More like Giving ToHOOSday am I right?

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes Giving Tuesday, an opportunity as we head into the giving and receiving season to reflect upon the spirit of the holidays and give back to charities that mean something to us.

This is a great time, then, to remind folks of the Pack Line Pledge. In case you don't know what the Pack Line Pledge is, you can read it in full detail here. The TL;DR version is that, for every game where Virginia holds its opponent to under 50 points, you donate a set amount to the One Love Foundation. You decide at the offset how much you want to donate.

Last year, Virginia held 15 regular season opponents to under 50. This year, it's only happened once so far. Part of this is due to Virginia being a different team without Justin Anderson and Darion Atkins. Another part is due to increased fouling (partly because of the new "freedom of movement" foul rules) and increased pace (30-second shot clock).

Though some of you have asked, we won't be increasing the point cap from 50 up to 55 or 60, since we already outlined the rules this year before any of us really knew the actual effects of the new college basketball rules. But, you're of course welcome to make that commitment on your own. We won't stop you, and neither will the One Love Foundation.

Today's a great day to commit to it as the Hoos take on Ohio State in the ACC / Big Ten Challenge.

Here's the list of everyone who has already committed to make the Pledge!