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UVA Basketball Danceoff Q&A with Cammy "Dance Off" Leech

An overnight celebrity, Cammy danced her way out of Charlottesville and straight into the hearts (or nightmares) of folks nationwide.

First, we brought you "Goose Guy."

Then, it was Tyler "18K" Lewis.

Now, we bring you Cammy.

By now, you have surely seen the video of the most epic dance off in the history of jumbotron dance offs. On Saturday against Louisville in John Paul Jones Arena, some time in the second half, our heroine found herself pictured on the big screen above the court. Rather than giggle or point and wave, as most featured jumbotronians do, she got serious.

Like, really serious.

The crowd in JPJ loved it in real time, and now America loves it three days later. Check out the Google search results for "Virginia dance off". Cammy Leech, a first year nursing student, takes her Virginia basketball (and her dancing) very seriously, and for that, we salute her. She's become so popular, Virginia football legend Chris Long has made her his avatar on Twitter. USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Washington Post (TIMES TWO! THEY DID TWO PIECES!), Bleacher Report, Rant Sports, Bro Bible, Total Frat Move, and Lost Letterman are just some of the outlets that picked up our rhythmic rapscallion, so being the diligent Virginia sports outlet that we are, we reached out to her.


STL: Are you known in your inner circle for your sweet moves?

CL: My inner circle isn't really a group of friends. We define ourselves as a "Wiccan Coven". I'm best known for my Banishing Spells rather than the Seduction Spells within the circle.

STL: How high is "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" on your 'songs I will utterly lose my spine to' list?

CL: I absolutely love that song but mostly for it's qualifier on the end of that line. You hear the title of the song and think that Whitney just wants someone to jam out with but upon closer examination, she doesn't merely want a dance partner. She wants someone to love her. I feel as though this song just really resonates with people on a very emotional level. I'm losing tears to this song and the spine just follows.

Other songs that I like to pretend I'm Gumby to include; "It's Tricky" - RUN-DMC "Get Lower" - Chris Rock and "Fur Elise" - Beethoven. I feel these have similar emotional bases.

STL: Do you feel as though you were robbed in this competition?

CL: I mean I was going up against adorable children and a Paul Giamatti look alike so I had no hope of winning. My usual unjustified narcissism was hesitant but luckily I have self esteem at a level as delusional as Leo DiCaprio in Shutter Island.

STL: Nicely done with the 'Rick Pitino Hair Gel' move. Do you have any other ACC-Coach specific moves in your repertoire?

CL: I have the "Coach K Arm Spasm" where I throw pens at people. The "Jim Boeheim Shrug". I shrug my shoulders because I'm not really sure why I'm allowed at ACC games either. This move can also be interpreted to mean I aggressively shrug off my jacket off and on after bad calls at Duke games. The "Roy Williams Fist Pump" for when I arrange my schedule to conflict with my anger management classes. There's also the classic "Jamie Dixon Hulk Smash" and "Buzz Williams Back Sweat".

STL: What kind of spiritual connection do you feel with that cameraman now?

CL: He felt as though I looked through the camera into his soul and I can't say he's wrong. He has a deep love for puppies and queso. I think we'll be friends.

STL: Were you expecting this to go as big as Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated, and the Washington Post?

CL: I'm surprised the NSA hasn't shared it directly to everyone's phones so far but I can be content with the internet sites.'re an inspiration to all. Wahoowa.