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ACC Basketball Matrix shows...wait, what is this showing, anyway?

At the halfway point, what exactly is this thing telling us, anyway?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, and we're thrilled to present to you the updated ACC Matrix, intended to help you, at a quick glance, see who is winning at home and who is on the road.

ACC Matrix 2-3-15

So then, what does this tell us?

We're not really sure, to be honest. Taking a look, it looks like there are there are a few teams who might be true road warriors -- Virginia (5-0), Notre Dame (4-1), Louisville (3-1) and North Carolina (3-1). Of course, these are also four of the top teams in the conference: UVA 8-1, Notre Dame 8-2, Louisville 6-2, and North Carolina 7-3.

The home record is 36-30 so far this season. Some schools are exceptionally bad overall, and therefore their home schedule throws off the trends. I'm looking at you, BC (1-7 overall, 0-3 at home), Georgia Tech (1-8 overall, 0-4 at home) and Virginia Tech (1-7 overall, 1-3 at home).

Are you seeing any exciting trends in this so far?