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Virginia's Tony Bennett becomes only active coach to defeat all active Hall of Fame coaches

America's new favorite coach establishes himself as an elite coach among the highest college ranks.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Bennett became the only active coach to have a win over all five active Hall of Fame coaches (Jim Boeheim, Larry Brown, Mike Krzyzewski, Rick Pitino and Roy Williams)

There are currently five active Hall of Fame coaches: Syracuse's Jim Boeheim, SMU's Larry Brown, Duke's Mike Krzyzewski, Louisville's Rick Pitino, and North Carolina's Roy Williams. There's only one active coach who's beaten all five of them.

You guessed it. After Saturday's 52-47 win over Louisville, Virginia head coach Tony Bennett became the only active coach to have a win over all five active Hall of Fame coaches.

Bennett's performances over the Hall of Famers are as follows:

Date Coach (School) Score
February 7, 2015 Rick Pitino (No. 9 Louisville) 52-47 W
February 2, 2015 Roy Williams (No. 12 North Carolina) 75-64 W
January 31, 2015 Mike Krzyzewski (No. 4 Duke) 63-69 L
March 16, 2014 Mike Krzyzewski (No. 7 Duke) 72-63 W
March 1, 2014 Jim Boeheim (No. 4 Syracuse) 75-56 W
January 20, 2014 Roy Williams (North Carolina) 76-61 W
January 13, 2014 Mike Krzyzewski (No. 23 Duke) 65-69 L
November 29, 2013 Larry Brown (SMU) 76-73 W
February 28, 2013 Mike Krzyzewski (No. 3 Duke) 73-68 W
February 16, 2013 Roy Williams (North Carolina) 81-93 L
January 6, 2013 Roy Williams (North Carolina) 61-52 W
February 25, 2012 Roy Williams (No. 7 North Carolina) 51-54 L
February 11, 2012 Roy Williams (No. 5 North Carolina) 52-70 L
January 12, 2012 Mike Krzyzewski (No. 8 Duke) 58-61 L
February 16, 2011 Mike Krzyzewski (No. 5 Duke) 41-56 L
January 15, 2011 Mike Krzyzewski (No. 1 Duke) 60-76 L
January 8, 2011 Roy Williams (North Carolina) 56-62 L
March 12, 2010 Mike Krzyzewski (No. 4 Duke) 49-67 L
February 28, 2010 Mike Krzyzewski (No. 5 Duke) 46-57 L
January 31, 2010 Roy Williams (North Carolina) 75-60 W
March 27, 2008* Roy Williams (North Carolina) 47-68 L

* While at Washington State

That's an overall 9-12 overall record against the famed coaches, though there's a fairly clear trend going in the right direction.

He's already captured America's heart as their new favorite head coach. Being in only his ninth season as head coach, this is certainly a great start to his Hall of Fame campaign.