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New "Defense Lives Here" Shirts For Sale!

Get your shipping refunded when you tweet your shirt!

You've spoken -- yesterday we held a flash vote to determine the new t-shirt design, and we're pleased to announce that the DEFENSE LIVES HERE design was the clear winner!

T-Shirt JPJ Defense B

Order Here.

Here's the deal. Order using this link, and you'll be supporting Streaking The Lawn with every purchase. Love the shirts? Want to send it to your friends? Please make sure to send them this link specifically: (and not the resulting page after you click through), to make sure STL gets the credit!

The shirts are super comfortable -- we're not talking Gildan or Hanes Beefy T here. We're talking high quality, your new favorite material, kind of shirts.

The company we're working with, BreakingT, tells us that they ship using priority mail out of the Northern Virginia area, and that this means for most of you, if you order your shirts by today (Tuesday) at noon, the shirts will go out the same day, and you can expect it by Thursday or Friday at your doorstep.

Go ahead and buy like 15 of them because you know your friends will be asking you where you got these TOTALLY SWEET SHIRTS. Again, buy them here.

Update 3/10/15: FREE SHIPPING!

Full instructions on the site as you click through (read FAQs), but if, after you get your shirt, you take a picture of you in your awesome new threads and tweet it to both @breakingtco and @TheUVAFool, you'll get reimbursed for shipping! Again, check out the site for instructions.