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New Thomas Jefferson "Not Boring" T-Shirts for Sale!

Earlier this week we introduced to you the new "Defense Lives Here" shirts with the JPJ facade. Well, we heard you when you voted, and we decided to go ahead and launch these awesome Thomas Jefferson "Not Boring" shirts, just in time before the NCAA Tournament!

T-Shirt Not Boring B

Order "Not Boring" here.

Just as with the Defense Lives Here shirts, for every shirt you purchase using this link will directly benefit Streaking The Lawn. If you love the shirt and want to share it with your friends, make sure you copy and paste this link: as opposed to the page it refers you to, and that way STL will still get credit. You don't have to. But it'd sure be swell if you did.

In case you missed it, ESPN said Virginia's style of play was bad for basketball. Then some dude over at USA Today wrote about how UVA is one of the most boring things ever. This, of course, is ridiculous, and led to rebuttals from Streaking The LawnWashington Post, and Daily Press, just for starters. And then, President Sullivan weighed in:

Free Shipping Bonus: If you tweet a picture of you in your shirt and tag both @breakingtco and @TheUVAFool, and you email them with your tweet and order number, they'll reimburse your shipping. The shirts are super comfortable -- we're not talking Gildan or Hanes Beefy T here. We're talking high quality, your new favorite material, kind of shirts.

BreakingT tells us they'll ship priority, which means for most of you, if you order it over the weekend, you should get it before the first NCAA Tournament games!